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Getting started with WideBundle πŸ”₯

Wide Welcome! βœ‹πŸ˜

We're super excited to welcome you to the WideFamily! πŸŽ‰

And we've prepared a little guide for you to start using WideBundle!

Enjoy reading!

If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading an article I invite you to watch the tutorial below πŸ‘‡

Before starting

Ensure WideBundle is enabled by clicking on "Activate" in the app dashboard

Press Save in the top right corner

1) Add an offer

On the WideBundle homepage click on Add offers

Select the product you want to create offers on

Select the method with which you want to create your offers. For this tutorial we will use the 1st method as this is the first time we configure WideBundle on the product. This will probably be the case for you too if you are new to WideBundle.

If you want to know the difference between the two methods you can click here to read the explanation

Then choose whether you want to duplicate the product you selected or not.

πŸ’‘ If you check this box, your offers will be created on a copy of your product so as not to impact the "real" product. You can then do all your tests.

Click on Continue to go to the offer creator

Add the title that will appear above your offers

Check the box "This product is featured on the homepage" if it is the case for this product

The block below is where you will add and configure your different offers. You will see on the right a preview of the final result.

For each offer, start by determining the title

Add the link to an image if you want to show a thumbnail on your offer (optional)

Configure your price and your compared price (if there is one)

If your product has options like a color or a size, check the box.

If your product has options, add the name and the possible choices for this option.

If your product has options, choose how many drop-down lists you want to show so that your customer can select several choices.

Example: My offer contains 2 T-shirts. My customer must be able to choose 2 different colors and 2 different sizes. So there will be 2 drop down lists.

If your product has options, choose the titles of the drop-down lists

Add a custom sentence to your product if you want (optional)

Check the box for Preselect offer if you want this offer to be preselected when your customer opens your product page.

If you want to delete an offer or change their position, you can use the trash can icon and the icon with the arrows

If you want to add an offer you can click on the + Add an offer button

When it's finished you can click on Generate offers then confirm

At this point, WideBundle will delete the variants present on your product if you had any. They will then be replaced by the variants generated by WideBundle to create the offers on your product. (What is a variant on Shopify?)

But don't panic, you can always go back if you want to recover your old variants on this product. (How to get my old variants back?)

2) Check that the application is working properly

Open the product page on which you just added offers and check that the offers appear.

πŸ’‘ Remember to look at the product page that your customers will see and not in the editor of your theme or a "preview" of your theme. Use the same link that your customers will use, otherwise it won't work.

If you don't see the app appear, make sure it is enabled in the application

If it doesn't work, don't hesitate to contact our support directly in the application at the bottom right

3) Edit the settings

Click on Settings at the top of the application

You will find the different sections of the settings on the left

The first thing to choose is the theme of the application to determine how it will appear

Then click on Add-to-Cart Button to change the settings related to the add to cart button!

You will be able to edit :

- The redirection of the add-to-cart button after clicking on it
- The color of the button
- The attributes of the button
- The animation of the button

Then click on Offers to edit the design of the offers

You will find 2 sections. The first section corresponds to the design of the offers when they are not selected. The second section corresponds to the design of the offers when they are selected.

Then click on the Quantity Button.

You will be able to display a quantity button on your offers if you want to allow your customers to take several times an offer.

After that you can click on Texts content to edit some texts of the app

You will be able to change the text of the add-to-cart button, the text of the currency and the text to show how much the customer saves.

Finally I invite you to click on General Settings to finish the settings

You will be able to change these few parameters:

- The decimal separator to put a comma or a point (like 50,00€ or 50.00€)
- Round the price if there is no decimal (to have 50€ instead of 50.00€)
- Change the size of the price on the offers
- Display or not the text "You save..."
- Let WideBundle change the design of the price under your product title
- Put an image under your Add to Cart button with a link
- Add HTML code before and after the add-to-cart button

As I explained above, to create its offer system, WideBundle will create new variants.

These variants will not have any tracking, SKUs, etc...

To understand a bit more, let's go to the product sheet where we have added offers.

You will notice that there are many variants, it's linked to what I explained to you, WideBundle will create as many variants as there are existing combinations.

This way, the customer will be able to choose our offer and several different variants.

Now you will have to configure the SKUs if you want to track these new variants.

In case you use platforms like Dsers, CJDropshipping or another system, we have created tutorials to teach you how to link the new variants that you can find by clicking here

5) Join our community

If you want to :

Share best practices to increase your conversions ✨
Be kept up to date on what's new on WideBundle πŸš€
Join a great community around e-commerce πŸ‘«

Then click here!

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to read our different articles in the Tutorials section and in the Problems section

If you didn't find what you were looking for, contact us by clicking here

See you soon! 😁

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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