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How to add the variants into bundles?

Wide Hello to all!

You are creating the offers, but you can't find a way to add your variants?

Don't worry, it's simple and easy, let's see how!

1) Find the place for the variants

You've put the offer titles, added the prices, but now you're looking for a way to add the variants?

When you are creating the offers, you will see an "Options" section

Select the number of options in your bundle. If you have a "Color" option and a "Size" option then you will have 2 options.

2) Add the name of your first option

Let's say your customer can choose the color of the product, in "Option 1 Name" add "Color".

Then add the choices for this option in "Option 1 choices" !

3) Add the name of your second option

If your product also has a second option, for example a "Size" then add it in "Option 2 Name".

Then add the choices in "Choices of option 2".

See you soon

Updated on: 26/10/2022

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