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You're about to create the offers but you can't seem to find the way to add your variants?

Don't worry, it's simple and easy, let's see how to do it!

1️⃣ Finding the spot for the variants

You've created the offers, added the prices, but now you're looking for a way to add the variants?

When you're about to create the offers you will see the part "Title Option 1/2" and "Choices in option 1/2"

2️⃣ Adding the titles of variants

Let's say that your product has some colours, in the Title Option 1 you should put "Colour"

Once you've done that you will see that the part "Choices option 1" has become available

3️⃣ Adding choices into the dropdown list

Once you've put the title, you now need to put the variants

Next to the Title Option 1 you will see Choices option 1, there you need to put your variants separated by a comma

For example: Black, White, Red

4️⃣ Adding additional option

If you have some additional option such as size or model, you can follow the same steps and fulfil the "Title Option 2" and "Choices option 2"

See you soon!
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