Install from Shopify Store

First, go on Shopify App Store to install WideBundle.

WideBundle on Shopify App Store

Type the link of your shop.

Type the link of your shop

Accept authorization and the free trial.

Accept authorization

Discover the app

You start on the WideBundle homepage, if this is the first time you use WideBundle, a guide will be launched to introduce the different features.

After that, you will be able to follow the section with instructions on first use.

Steps to do on first use

Step 1 explains us that we must first select the product where we want to create offers, we scroll down the page to the bottom to come find our list of products.

We select the product and then we click on button "+".

Select the product and click on button "+"

Choose the setup option

You will now come to a second window allowing you to choose how you want to add WideBundle to the product.

Option 1 will be the one you will use each time you add a new product for the first time. This option will take you to a variant generator where you can create the different offers.

It is important to know that to make WideBundle work, your variants must have a particular format and this generator will allow you to format them.

Be careful, by choosing this option, all previous variants of your product will be deleted and replaced. So I recommend you to duplicate your product before if you want to make your tests.

Option 2 will be used when you make changes to your product, which will therefore not be taken into account by the application, but your variants will have already been formatted by the application once. This way, you will not have to go through the variant generator again.

To start we will therefore select option 1..

Choose option 1

Use the variants generator

Now we come to the variant generator, this is where you will configure your offers.

Variants generator on WideBundle

We will take as an example a product where we want to create 3 offers, this product will have 2 options: a color option and a size option.

The first column corresponds to the title of the offer such as "1 product only" or "2 products purchased, the second at -50%".

Offer Title

The second column corresponds to the link of an image that you would like to show as a thumbnail next to the offer, this is not required.

Offer image

The third column corresponds to the number of products in the offer, this will indicate how many drop-down lists for each option should be displayed.

For example: If I want to create an offer "2 products bought, the third one free" and my product has a color and size option, I want my customer to be able to buy 3 products of 3 different colors or 3 different sizes, so we will have to display 3 drop-down lists for the 3 different products and to do that we will put "3" in the number of products.

Number of products in the offer

The fourth column corresponds to the offer price.

Offer price

The fifth column corresponds to the price of the offer before a potential reduction.

Price of the offer before reduction

The sixth column corresponds to the name of the first option (it is not required, you can leave it empty).

Title of the first option

The seventh column corresponds to the different choices available for the first option, which are separated by commas.

Different choices available for the first option

The eighth and ninth column is exactly the same but for an option 2 if for example you want to have a size.

Finally, when we have finished configuring an offer, we will click on Add..

Add button

Beware, this system has its limits. In order to allow customers to choose 3 products of 3 different colors, the application will generate as many variants as there are possible combinations.

For example: If the customer can choose 3 white products then there will be a variant with the 3 white products, same if he wants 3 blue products, same if he wants 1 blue product and 2 white products, etc...

So to take our example from the beginning, I will configure the 3 offers :

We add 3 offers to the product

And finally, we will click on the big button just below to generate our different variants.

Edit WideBundle settings

We are now redirected to the home page where we will be able to go to step 2 in the "First use" section.

Second step

At this step, it is a matter of making sure WideBundle is displayed correctly and modifying the design and text. Click on the link in step 2 to see the application in action.

WideBundle on product page

If the application does not display well, check the other articles to see if your problem has been solved or contact me.

If everything is ok, click on the other link from step 2 to go to the settings.

WideBundle settings

And we are going to edit the parameters as we want. And we update by clicking on the button at the bottom.

You will be redirected to the home page and there will be other settings you can change. To find them, descend to the bottom of the home page to the list of added products.

Product settings

When you add WideBundle to a product, the text "Choose your offer" will appear at the top of the application on your product page. This text can be edited by clicking on Edit next to it.

Also, it is possible that your product appears on the home page of your shop so to display WideBundle there as well, you can click on Edit then check the checkbox to display the app on the home page.

Edit the product

But that's not all, you can also display a flashing text on the offer of your choice by clicking on Edit in front of the offer you are interested in.

Display flashing text

In order to understand the variants that have been created, we will go to your product page on Shopify.

Products variants

Here you can see the names of the offers as well as all the possible combinations of variants mentioned above.

You will notice that there is no SKU so if you use Dsers, CJDropshipping, an agent, etc... You will probably have to go through an extra step before your new variants can be recognized.

If you want to know how to do it, feel free to follow the tutorials by clicking here .

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