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If you are reading this article it's probably the first time you're using WideBundle.

So if you haven't already, read our full article on how to use WideBundle by clicking here.

If you just want to know how to use the offer generator, here is the article!

First of all, you should know that 1 line if equal to 1 offer.

Title of the offer (ex : 1 product = second one at -50%).
Optional and allows you to put the link of an image to display a thumbnail in front of the offer.
Number of products that are in this offer (ex: 2 if we make an offer 1 product bought = the second at -50%). This is useful if you have variants and you want to allow the customer to choose 2 different colors in the case of an offer containing 2 products.
Price of your offer.
Optional and corresponds to the price of your product before discount.
Optional and allows you to propose a variant of the product (ex: Color, Size, Shape, ...).
Optional and allows you to put the different variants if you have an option 1 (ex: Black, Blue, Small, Large, ...). The choices must be separated by commas.

Optional and allows you to propose a second variant
Optional and allows to put the different variants of the option 2. The choices must be separated by commas.
Used if you have at least one option 1 and allows you to display the title of the options in front of the choices _(ex: Color 1 and Size 1, Color 2 and Size 2, etc...). The titles must be separated by a comma and the number of titles depends directly on the number you put in the third column.
Allows you to pre-select a default offer on your product page.
Allows you to display a message about the offer (ex: Best offer)
Allows you to move the offer's message
Allows you to make the message blink

The Add a new line button allows you to add a line in the generator.

The Generate Offers button will then allow you to generate all the offers.

At this point, WideBundle will generate the necessary variants to create your offers.

Since Shopify's discount system is not perfect, we will create the offer system through variants.

For example, if we have an offer "2 bought = the 2nd one at 50% off" and we have a color variant with let's say the color Red and Blue.

Then WideBundle will create all possible combinations with variants. That is to say, it will create a variant in the case where the customer takes the red product twice, but also a variant in the case where he takes the blue product twice and a variant in the case where he takes a red product and a blue product.

This makes a total of 3 variants.

If you want to know more about this way of working, click here
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