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How to use WideBundle with EcomSolid?

Wide Hello!

if you are using EcomSolid, installing WideBundle is a bit different than installing it on a classic theme.

We'll show you in a few easy steps how to do it!

Make sure you've followed the tutorial to get started with WideBundle beforehand (if you haven't, click here)

Are you ready? Here we go!

1️⃣ First thing we want to do is to go to EcomSolid and open a product page

2️⃣ Add WideBundle through adds-on

Once you've opened a product page, you need to go to adds-on and add WideBundle

3️⃣ Place the WideBundle where you want

You've added our app to EcomSolid, all you have to do right now is place it where you want your offers to appear

4️⃣ Update the page and exit

Update the page and exit, or continue to work on your product page, it's completely up to you!

The installation of WideBundle on EcomSolid is completed, it was easy, right?

See you soon! 😁

Updated on: 30/09/2021

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