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The problem

Sometimes you will find the configured offers of a product on another product even though you did not add any offers on it.

Or the offers of the 2 products are on the same page.

The solution

The problem is that the app detects which product to display based on the link.

So, for example, by adding the app on a product whose link is the following: "".

And by having another product on which you have not added WideBundle but which starts the same way as for example: "".

Then automatically the app will also be visible on it.

The solution is therefore to completely modify the product link so that there are no more similarities.

Go to your Shopify products

Go to your products

Open the product page that causes the problem

Click on the product you are looking for

Scroll down to find the SEO link and click on Edit SEO of the website.

Click on edit the SEO of the website

Edit the handle of the url so that each url is unique and completely different and check the box "Create url redirection"

Edit the handle of the url

Then, in order for WideBundle to take the change into consideration, go back to WideBundle

Remove the product from the WideBundle application

Remove the product from the WideBundle application

Add it again by clicking on the "+"

Add it again

Choose option 2 (the gray button) to avoid the need to go through the variant generator again.

Choose option 2

Voilà !
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