The problem

When configuring your offers, you get the error "You can't exceed 100 variants".

The solution

When creating an offer, WideBundle will create variants on your product.

For each possible combination of an offer, WideBundle will create a variant.

For example, if you want to create an offer "2 purchased products = 1 free" and you have a "Color" option with 3 colors "Black, White, Green"

WideBundle will therefore create all possible combinations with these 3 colors when choosing 3 products (since the offer contains 3 products).

So we will have :

- Black, Black, Black (in the case where the customer takes 3 times the color Black)
- Black, Black, White (in case the customer takes 2 times the color Black and 1 time the color White)
- Black, White, White (in case the client takes 2 times the color White and 1 time the color Black)
... etc

WideBundle will create all of these combinations to allow customers to choose multiple products with different variants.

So you might think that for the variant "2 products bought = 1 offered" and 3 colors there are only 3 variants but not at all since you have to count all the combinations.

Now imagine the number of variants if we have 3 offers with 5 colors and 5 sizes...

So you understand that depending on the number of options and products in the offers, the number of variants can quickly increase and exceed 100 variants.

The limit of 100 variants is set by Shopify, which prevents a product from having more than 100 variants simply.

So the solution is to offer less choices in your options and/or offer fewer products in the offer.
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