Wide Hello! 😁

You have WideBundle configured so that pressing Add to Cart opens the cart on the side

But you are redirected to the cart or to the checkout?

The problem is not coming from WideBundle!

1️⃣ The solution

Before following this article, make sure WideBundle is configured to open the side cart.

If it's set up correctly, try to disable WideBundle from the dashboard homepage.

Go back to the product page and check that WideBundle is no longer displayed.

Now test clicking on the original Add to Cart button.

If this button also redirects you to the cart page or checkout, then the theme is configured as such.

So you have to enable the shopping cart on the side of your theme first (or disable the redirection to the shopping cart or checkout page).

And only when this feature is enabled, WideBundle will be able to open the shopping cart page as well.
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