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In this article we'll see how to get this rendering:

You can see the rendering on the site by clicking here.

To start we will create 3 lines (1 for each offer).

We will give a title to each of our lines according to the offers we want to propose.

We will put 1 in the number of products for each offer since we only want 1 drop-down list for each offer.

We set the price we want for the 3 offers, for example the price for a single pair of pants, then the price for a single T-shirt and finally a discounted price if we order the 2.

At this moment you have to remember one thing, the number of options must be identical for each offer.

For example, for our third offer, we want the customer to be able to choose the color of the pants and the color of the T-shirt. So we will need 2 options!

However, for the first two offers, since there is only one choice to be made (either the pants or the t-shirt) we would need only one option!

But it's not possible to not have the same number, so we're going to work around the Shopify system by putting 2 options for each offer!

And so that our 2 offers don't show the second option to the customer, we will simply put only one choice in the option.

Here's how we'll do it!

In the title of option 1 we'll put the color of the pants for the three offers, while in option 2 we'll put the color of the T-shirt for the 3 offers as well.

Then, for our first offer, which will be for the pants, we will put our choices of colors for option 1, for example Blue and Red and for option 2 (which is made for the T-shirt) we will simply put "No T-shirt". This way, there will be only one choice and WideBundle will not show the dropdown list. And when a customer will add the offer to the cart, he will see the color of the pants he has chosen and will see "No tee-shirt" confirming that he has not taken a tee-shirt.

We will work in the same way for the second offer, which will be for the tee-shirt, by putting "No pants" in the choices of option 1 (which is dedicated to the pants) and we will put our colors, for example "Black" and "White" in the choice of tee-shirt. Thus, WideBundle will only show the choice of the tee-shirt

Finally, for the third offer, we want the customer to be able to choose both the color of the pants and the color of the T-shirt, so we will put all the possible choices for option 1 and option 2.

We will also edit the titles of the drop-down lists which is the field just after option 2 in the generator. For the offer 1 I will put only "Color" but you can put what you want.

Same for offer 2.

And for offer 3 we'll put "Pants color & shirt color."

This gives :

After that we can generate the offers !

And that's it!

See you soon 😁
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