Wide Hello! 😁

In this article we'll see how to get this rendering:

You can see the rendering on the site by clicking here.

In other words, we will see how to use only the WideBundle design without creating an offer.

Indeed, the WideBundle design is also optimized to increase conversions, so it can be a good idea.

There are several ways to do this.

1️⃣ Use the offer generator with method 1.

You can use the offer generator to create your variants.

First of all, add as many lines as there are variants, for example here we will put 4 lines.

We put the name of the variants (here Green, Black, Red, White).

We put the price

This gives :

After that we can generate the offers!

2️⃣ Use method 2

If you have read the articles to use WideBundle, you know that there are 2 methods to add offers.

If you don't want to create offers but just use the WideBundle design, you have the option to use method 2.

Indeed, method 2 is usually used when you have already created offers on your product.

It will then allow you to reuse the variants already generated.

But if your objective is not to have offers and you already have variants. Then you can use method 2 which will fetch them directly!

It's much faster than using the offer generator and it will allow you to avoid having to recreate variants (in case they have SKUs, etc)

And that's it!

See you soon 😁
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