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WideBundle only appears on mobile (or desktop) in PageFly!

Wide Hello!

In this article we will see why WideBundle appears only on mobile and not on desktop with PageFly (or vice versa).

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On PageFly you have the possibility to have 2 different versions of your site. One for the mobile version and one for the desktop version.

When you use the "WideBundle" module on PageFly, it can only appear once on your page.

So by having 2 different versions and placing the WideBundle module twice, it will only appear once.

And if you want WideBundle to appear twice, you will have to use another method

How to make WideBundle appear on desktop AND on mobile

The solution is to use the WideBundle module for one of the two versions only. For example, for the "desktop" version

And for the mobile version, you will not use the "WideBundle" module but you will use the following method instead:

On the mobile version, add an "HTML/Liquid" block which is in "Elements" !

Copy the following code:

<div id="new-wb-form"></div>

Paste it in the "HTML/Liquid" block that you added by clicking on "Open Code Editor" !


And that's it! Now you use the "WideBundle" module of PageFly only once and for the mobile version you use another method.

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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