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How to use WideBundle with PageFly?

Hello WideFamily! 😁

If you are using PageFly, the way to install WideBundle is a bit different than a classic theme.

So let's see how to do it!

Make sure you've followed the tutorial to get started with WideBundle beforehand (if you haven't, click here)

Then come back to this article when you are asked to do so.

Are you ready? Let's get started!

If you prefer to watch a video you can do it by clicking here πŸ‘‡


Download PageFly here. You get a 20% discount on PageFly thanks to WideBundle! By using this promo code: PFSPSHFVEP48

Open the product page on PageFly

Start by opening the product page you are interested in on PageFly

Add the variants selector

Click on Add Shopify Element then Product Variant and drag and drop the 2nd module on your product page. This step is important for WideBundle to synchronize with PageFly!

The variants selector will then be hidden by WideBundle.

Add the Add to Cart button

Click on Add Shopify Element then *Product Add to Cart" and drag and drop the 1st module on your product page. The button will then be hidden by WideBundle.

Add the WideBundle module

Click on Add a 3rd party element.

Click on Edit your 3rd party elements (or on the little cogwheel if the button does not appear)

Search for WideBundle and enable it !

Close this popup and you will see the WideBundle module appear in your 3rd party elements

Click on the WideBundle module and then move Bundle Offer to your page where you want WideBundle to appear

Save and exit

And that's it! Everything is installed, you can now save the page and publish it.

Then, go back to the tutorial "Getting started with WideBundle" if you were reading it

See you soon! 😁

Updated on: 04/11/2022

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