Wide Hello!

if you are using PageFly, installing WideBundle is a bit different than installing it on a classic theme.

So let's see how to do it!

Make sure you've followed the tutorial to get started with WideBundle beforehand (if you haven't, click here)

Then come back to this article when you are asked to do so.

Are you ready? Here we go!

1️⃣ Open the product page on PageFly

Start by opening the product page you are interested in on PageFly

2️⃣ Remove variants, quantity selector and add to cart

Then remove the choice of variants, the choice of quantity and the add to cart button from this page.

These elements will no longer be useful and will be replaced by the WideBundle ones.

3️⃣ Add an HTML / Liquid module

When you have removed the elements, add a module and click on HTML / Liquid

Then place the module where the variants you removed were

4️⃣ Add the WideBundle script

Click on your element and on the right column, open the code editor.

Then copy and paste this code inside: <div id="new-form"></div>

5️⃣ Save and exit

Save and close the window

And that's it! Everything is installed, now you can save the page and publish it.

Then, go back to the "Start using WideBundle" tutorial if you were reading it

See you soon! 😁
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