Wide Hello! 😁

You have already set up your offers for your product but you want to know how to redo it?

Indeed, your product does not appear anymore in the list of products to add offers.

This is normal! You have to remove the product from WideBundle first before you can make offers again

Here is how to do it:

Click on Manage product in front of the product already added for which you want to redo offers.

Then click on Remove Product.

Confirm and that's it, WideBundle will no longer appear on your product and you will be able to add it again and set up new offers.

Be careful, this manipulation does not remove the variants that were generated by WideBundle, if you just want to remove WideBundle and you don't want to put it back, you will then have to redo your variants directly on Shopify.

I hope this article has helped you!

See you soon! 😁
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