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How to track the variants created by WideBundle with CJDROPSHIPPING?

Wide Hello! 😁

When using WideBundle, you have noticed that your variants were replaced in order to create the new ones.

Therefore, if you use CJdropshipping, you lose the link you had with the previous variants.

So let's see how CJdropshipping can still track your commands!

1️⃣ Prerequisites

You have already configured CJDropshipping with your products.

2️⃣ Introduction

Since the offer system works with variants and not discounts, the quantity of an offer always stays at 1.

For example: ordering a product with the offer "2 bought = 1 free", when placing an order, you will not have a quantity of 3 for the product but you will have a quantity of 1 for the variant.

This is absolutely normal and it is also the only way to proceed with the tools that Shopify offers us.

But then how do we get CJDropshipping to recognize that there are 3 products?

3️⃣ Get new SKUS.

Contact the CJDropshipping agent assigned to you at the very beginning.

Tell him/her that you would like to have new SKU's that combine multiple SKUs.

Indeed, unlike Dsers, it will not be possible to configure the offers yourself with CJDropshipping, you will have to contact the agent who will do it for you.

To do so, tell him/her that you will send him/her the different SKU's that you want to combine into one.

Make a .csv file with 2 columns, in the first column, display the skus of your variants to combine and in the second column, let the agent put the new SKU.

For example: If you have an offer of 3 products purchased in colors: Blue, Red and Black. The respective SKU's will be for example: SKU00X1, SKU00X2, SKU00X3_
Except that you can only display one SKU, so you will give your agent these 3 SKU's and ask for a new SKU including these three.

You can then add the new SKU to your product.

It's a pretty tedious operation but it will save you a lot of money! 🚀

See you soon! 😁

Updated on: 05/04/2021

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