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Would you like to have several different prices in the same offer?

For example, you have a size variant in an offer and the bigger the size, the higher the price?

Here's how to do it!

if you prefer a video for the explanation you can watch it below πŸ‘‡

1) Set up a single price first

When creating your offers, you will see that it is not possible to set several prices.

You will therefore have to start by setting a single price for the offer.

For example, you can put the lowest price of the offer.

Then generate your offers by clicking on Generate offers.

2) Modify the price for the variants that do not have the same price

Go to your products on Shopify by clicking on Products.

Click on your product.

Scroll down the page to find your variants.

Change the prices individually when the price is not right.

For example, for my "1 Product" offer, I want the price of the large size to be 5 euros more expensive.

Same for the "2 Products" offer, be careful here to check the number of products that don't have the same price to adapt it.

For example, for my offer "2 Products" containing only one large size, the price will increase by 2,5 euros.

While the offer containing the 2 large size products will increase by 5 euros.

Save and wait a few seconds for WideBundle to detect the change.

Then go to your product page to see WideBundle and try to change your offer.

WideBundle will adjust the price automatically.

I hope this article has helped you to see more clearly!

See you soon! 😁
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