Wide Hello! 😁

When using WideBundle, you have noticed that your variants were replaced in order to create the new ones.

Therefore, if you use Dsers, you lose the link you had with the previous variants.

So let's see together how to make Dsers track your orders anyway!

1️⃣ Prerequisites

To use WideBundle with Dsers, you will need at least the Advanced version of Dsers.

This version is very convenient and will allow you to create variant mapping as well as bundles.

You can install Dsers or upgrade to the Advanced version by clicking here

2️⃣ Introduction

Since the offer system works with variants and not discounts, the quantity of an offer always remains at 1.

For example: ordering a product with the offer "2 bought = 1 free", when placing an order, you will not have a quantity of 3 for the product but you will have a quantity of 1 for the variant.

This is quite normal and it is also the only way to proceed with the tools that Shopify offers.

But then how do we get Dsers to recognize that there are 3 products?

By using product mapping and bundles!

3️⃣ Do the mapping

Go to Dsers and click on My Products.

Find your Shopify product in the list and then click on the Mapping Page icon.

By default, the mapping is set to "Basic Mapping" except we want to link a Shopify variant to multiple products on Dsers. So click on Bundle.

Then, for each of your variants that appears, you will select the products on Aliexpress that you want to link to the variant.

This way, Dsers will know that when a customer places an order for a variant, it will have to send all these products.

Now enter the link of your product on Aliexpress and click on Search.

Now select the product variant you want to link.

Then click on Submit.

Now you have the option to import another Aliexpress variant if you want to add a different variant to the offer, or you can change the quantity of the Aliexpress variant.

Do this for all your variants. Use the "import supplier" button only to add a different variant, otherwise just use the quantity button on the right.

When done, check Turn on to activate the mapping method at the top left and click Save at the top right.

That's it! When placing an order, Dsers will automatically recognize all the products to add to your variants.

SKUs remain empty on Shopify but that's normal!

See you soon! 😁
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