Wide Hello! 😁

You generated your offers on your product with WideBundle but you forgot an offer?

Then here's how to add a new one without having to redo everything!

Click on Manage Offers to see the offers for the product.

Click on Add an offer.

You can then add your offer.

You will be able to configure the title of the offer, the url of the image, to put the number of products present in the offer, the price, the options, the titles of the drop-down lists, pre-select the offer and put a message.

Please note, concerning the options: the offers of the same product must have the same number of options.

If your previous offers have only 1 option, then your new offer must also have 1.

In any case, the application will force you to add the exact number of offers!

If you still want to add new options, you will have to review your offers from the beginning.

That's it!

See you soon! 😁
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