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How to do a “buy one, get one” offer with WideBundle?

Wide Hello!

In this article we will see how to make a "Buy one, get one" offer on WideBundle. You will see that it is not very complicated.

Open WideBundle
Click on the "Add offers" button to create new offers

Choose the product on which you want to create offers, the first method and do not check the box to duplicate the product

Click on "Continue"
Add the text you want to see above the offers

Give your offer a title, for example "Buy one, get one"

Put the price of one product, for example 10 euros. And the compare-at price corresponding to 2 products, for example 20 euros.

Configure also the options if you have some (like a size or a color)
Generate the offers

Now that your offers have been generated, on your product page, when you select and add the offer to the cart, you will have the offer name added to the cart.

By adding the offer to the cart, you will not have a quantity of 2 added to the cart. Instead, you will have the offer "Buy one, get one" that will be added

In your back office you will have to make sure that this offer you just created is linked to 2 products so that the customer receives 2 products. We have tutorials depending on what you use to manage your back office, your stock and your orders that you can find by clicking here

And if you need to understand more about how WideBundle works, you can find a complete article by clicking here

See you soon!

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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