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My prices are multiplied by 1000!

Wide Hello to you! 😁

You are using WideBundle and your prices are now multiplied by 1000!

Don't panic, it's not that bad!

This happens a lot when you use a currency converter.

When you have a price, it can be with a comma or with a dot

For example: 50.00€ or 50,00€

For the currency converter, the comma can be used to designate thousands and the dot to designate hundredths. But sometimes it's the opposite!

So if your price has the wrong separator, then the converter will think that the price is in thousands!

The solution

Click on *Settings" in the top menu of the application.

Click on General Settings on the left

Change the value of the "price separator" and put a comma if it was a period (or vice versa)

Save and voilà!

The problem is solved !

See you soon! 😁

Updated on: 26/10/2022

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