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I have the message "Synchronization lost" on my product in the app

Wide Hello to you 😁

Did you notice on your dashboard that you have the message "synchronization lost" on one of your products?

This means that the variants on Shopify are no longer synchronized with the variants on WideBundle.

This can happen in case you redo your variants directly from Shopify without going through the offer creator.
It can also happen in some cases where WideBundle can't create all the variants on Shopify because of a technical problem.


Solution 1

If you have modified/deleted/added variants directly from Shopify while WideBundle had created offers, you will have to recreate the offers again (How do I completely redo my offers?)

Solution 2

If this triangle appears when you have just created your offers on WideBundle, there has been a technical problem, you will unfortunately have to recreate your offers (How do I completely redo my offers?)

Solution 3

If none of these situations match what you have done, try to add the offers on WideBundle again using this time method 2, follow the tutorial right after to know how to do it.

Click on the three dots in front of the product where you have the triangle

Click on Delete Offers!

Check "Keep variants generated by WideBundle" and confirm

Add the product again by clicking on Add offers !

Select your product again from the list

Check method 2: Re-synchronize offers

Click on Continue

WideBundle will then update the variants by reusing your variants on Shopify without having to go through the offer creator again.

Now check your offers on the product page.

If your offers don't appear at all the way you wanted, you'll need to recreate the offers using method 1 this time.

I hope this article has solved your problem!

See you soon! 😁

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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