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My side cart or cart drawer doesn't open with WideBundle

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You have a cart that opens on the side on your theme but WideBundle doesn't open it.

Let's see together in this article the possible reasons.

1) WideBundle has not been configured to open the cart on the side

The first possible solution is that you haven't enabled the side cart on WideBundle. So let's see how to do it:

From WideBundle, click on Settings in the top menu
In the sections on the left click on Add to Cart Button.
Change the redirection of the add-to-cart button to "Open side cart".

If this solution does not suit you, I invite you to go to the second solution!

2) You use a "Page Builder" app (PageFly, GemPages, LayoutHub, etc)

For page builder apps, there are a few things you need to check in order for the side cart to work.

We have written articles based on what you are using:

How to use the side cart on GemPages
How to use the side cart on PageFly

If the page builder you are using is not listed, contact our customer support through the chat bubble in the application

If this solution does not suit you, I invite you to go to the third solution!

3) You didn't add the variant selector or the add to cart button on your theme

The other possible reason is that you haven't added all the necessary elements for the cart to work on the side.

Open your theme editor on Shopify

Open the product page in the editor

Check on the left side that you have: Variant selector, quantity selector, and the add-to-cart button

If you don't have them all, add them by clicking on Add a block and then adding them from the list

Save and then repeat these actions for all the product page templates you have (if you don't know what it is, chances are you don't have any)

If this solution does not fix your problems, I invite you to move on to the fourth solution!

4) Your side cart doesn't work even without WideBundle

Another possible reason is that the side cart doesn't work at all or doesn't exist even without WideBundle. If this is the case, WideBundle will not be able to create one.

To check this it's very simple:

Open the WideBundle application
Disable WideBundle display for a few minutes (To do the test)

Go back to your store and try again to add the product to the cart (try the product that contains the WideBundle offers)
If the cart on the side doesn't open either, the problem is not WideBundle and you will need to contact your theme support or app support if your cart on the side is from an app.

If none of these solutions solve your problem, contact our support through the chat bubble in the application

Updated on: 19/11/2022

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