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You created offers and when adding to the cart, the quantity always stays at 1 even if you have multiple products in the offer.

To begin with, this is absolutely normal!

1️⃣ The solution

To understand this you need to know that Shopify does not allow developers to create an app with multiple discounts.

So it is not possible to offer multiple products with discounts directly for 2 or 3 products purchased for example.

So by adding a "2 products purchased" offer to the cart, WideBundle will not add 2 products and apply a discount because it is impossible.

Instead, we will work around the system by using variants as a quantity system.

Thus, a variant created, which would be called "2 products purchased" will always be in quantity 1 but will be "considered" as quantity 2.

It is then in the back office that we will make sure that this variant is associated with several products.

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I hope this article has answered your question!

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