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My bounce rate goes to 100% on Google with WideBundle!

Wide Hello!

You have a problem, while using WideBundle, your Google stats are wrong and your bounce rate suddenly went to 100%.

This is a problem that happens on some themes with WideBundle.

How to fix the problem

On the product page that is causing the problem, it is most likely that you have pre-selected an offer other than the first one. This means that when you arrive on your product page, it will not be the first offer that will be selected but another one.

You will have to deactivate the pre-selected offer since it poses a problem with your theme.

Go to WideBundle
Edit the offers of your problematic product

Uncheck the pre-selected offer

Explanation of the problem

On Shopify it is not possible to pre-select a variant by default. This means that when you arrive on the product page, the first variant will always be selected.

But on WideBundle we allow users to pre-select an offer. By doing this, we are upsetting the Shopify data system a bit on certain themes.

That is to say that by pre-selecting another offer, some Shopify themes will consider that 2 actions have been done:

1 - The customer went to the page
2 - The customer selected another offer other than the first one

Since it is not normally possible to pre-select another variant (or offer here) then Shopify will think that it is the user who selected another offer.

The "bounce rate" is a data from Google that is calculated by looking at the number of people who directly closed the page after opening the store. They are therefore not considered as visitors since they did not even stay a few seconds on the store.

And since the pre-selected offer is counted as a visitor action and it happens in a few milliseconds, Shopify estimates that the visitor didn't stay on the page and will therefore be counted as "bounce".

And it will be that for all visitors, creating a 100% bounce rate

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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