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My "sticky" add-to-cart button doesn't appear with WideBundle!

Wide Hello!

In this article we'll see why your sticky add-to-basket button doesn't appear with WideBundle and how to fix it.

Before you start

Make sure your sticky is working without WideBundle. Because if it doesn't work even without WideBundle then it will be impossible to do anything.

Go to the WideBundle application
Disable WideBundle

Go back to your page where the "sticky" is supposed to appear

If it doesn't appear even without WideBundle then the problem is not WideBundle

Fix the problem

If the sticky works fine without WideBundle but doesn't appear with WideBundle, there is an incompatibility problem with the theme.

And here is how you can normally fix the problem (it will only work if the sticky works fine without WideBundle):

Copy all the following code:
<script>window.addEventListener('load', function () {countCheckEveryCustomVar = 0;var countCheckEveryCustom = setInterval(function() {if(typeof form !== 'undefined' && form != null){widebundle = document. querySelector('#new-form'); if(widebundle != null{showAndReduceForm();clearInterval(countCheckEveryCustom);}}countCheckEveryCustomVar++;if(countCheckEveryCustomVar >= 30){clearInterval(countCheckEveryCustom);},300);})</script>
Go to your theme to "Edit Code"

Open the file "Layout > theme.liquid" !

Scroll to the very bottom and look for the "</body>" tag.

Paste the code right above this tag


Normally this script will fix the incompatibility problem!

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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