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My store scrolls alone when loading a page with WideBundle!

Wide Hello!

You notice that when opening a page containing WideBundle, your page automatically scrolls to WideBundle.

Fix the problem

In 99% of the cases where this problem occurs, your product has a pre-selected offer (other than the first offer). You will need to disable the pre-selected offers.

Open WideBundle
Edit the offers of your product where you have the problem

Uncheck the boxes to not pre-select offers


Explanations of the problem

On some themes, when you change the selected variant (or the selected offer) then your page will automatically scroll usually to show the image of the variant (or offer) you just selected.

And this only happens when you select a variant (or offer).

The problem here is that by "pre-selecting" a different offer than the first one, your theme considers that you are indirectly selecting an offer.

And so your theme will automatically scroll.

Updated on: 19/01/2023

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