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My upsell app doesn't work with WideBundle!

Wide Hello!

In this article we will see why your upsell application doesn't work with WideBundle. I want to make it clear that we are talking about an upsell application that appears after clicking on the add-to-cart button

Before you start

Make sure that your upsell application works without WideBundle. Because if it doesn't work even without WideBundle then it will be impossible to do anything.

Go to the WideBundle application
Disable WideBundle

Go back to your page and try to add the product to the cart to see your upsell application

If it doesn't appear even without WideBundle then the problem is not WideBundle

Fix the problem

If the upsell application works fine without WideBundle but doesn't appear with WideBundle, make sure you have WideBundle's "side cart" redirection enabled.

Even if you don't use upsell, the "side cart" redirection will make your upsell application work again.

And here's how you can enable the "side cart" redirection (it will only work if the upsell app works fine without WideBundle):

Open the WideBundle application
Click on Settings in the top menu
Open the Add to Cart Button Design section
Change the redirection to "side cart"


Normally your upsell application should work now!

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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