You suddenly noticed that WideBundle has completely deleted your variants

This is "normal"!

To understand this, you have to know that Shopify does not allow developers to create an app with multiple discounts.

So it is not possible to offer multiple products with discounts directly for 2 or 3 products purchased for example.

So by adding a "2 products purchased" offer, WideBundle will not add 2 products and apply a discount because it is impossible.

Instead, we will bypass the system by using the variants as a quantity system.

To do this, the variants will have to be changed to fit the WideBundle structure

We will therefore first remove your variants to configure the WideBundle variants

That's why we display a warning in the application and invite users to duplicate their product first if they want to test it

If you were not aware of this and did not pay attention, I can understand that it can be frustrating, especially if you uninstall WideBundle right afterwards

Unfortunately, there is no other way to create this discount system today 🙁
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