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The application is telling me that I need to have the same number of options for ever offer

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In this article, we will explain why are you getting the yellow message "you need to have the same number of options for every offer" while creating your offers.

In Shopify, each product can have up to three options, such as size, color, and material. These options are used to define the different variants of a product. For example, a t-shirt may have size, color, and material options, which create a unique set of variants like a small, red, cotton t-shirt.

However, the critical point to understand here is that every variant of a specific product on Shopify must have the same number of options. For instance, if a product has variants based on size and color, all variants of this product must have a size and a color. You can't have one variant with only a size and another variant with both size and color.

In the case, Wide Bundle, when creating offers, it deletes the original variants of a product and creates new variants for each offer. For these new variants to be accepted by Shopify, they must follow the same rules as regular product variants. That is, they all must have the same number of options.

As previously explained, each variant needs to have the same number of options. Therefore, even though Wide Bundle allows for creating a different number of variants for each offer, the number of options per variant must remain the same.

This is crucial to ensure that your offers function correctly on Shopify and that customers can view and purchase products as intended.

Updated on: 14/05/2023

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