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The checkout displays "It's not possible to ship this order" and I can't order my product

Wide hello!

Your checkout displays "It is not possible to ship this order" when you try to purchase your product with WideBundle offers?

It's probably because you messed with the shipping profiles when you set up your store.

Here's how to fix the problem 👇

Click on Settings in Shopify

Then click on Shipping in Shopify and then "Manage Rates"

You will notice at the bottom that you are not shipping from a location. This location is usually your address. You have probably removed delivery from your address.

When you set up your offers, WideBundle will automatically set "Shopify" as the Shipping From address.
This "Shopify" is your address (your customers don't see this address when a product is shipped from Shopify).

But if you have removed this shipping from address then the checkout will consider that the product cannot be shipped.

Click on "Manage Rates "*.

You will then be asked if you want to use the same rates or create new ones. Choose to keep the same ones and click on "Finish".

Finally, click on save

Updated on: 19/02/2022

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