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WideBundle doesn’t respect the order in which the choices of my options were made when adding to the cart!

Wide Hello!

When you add an offer to the cart with options, WideBundle does not respect the order in which you select them?

For example, taking an offer and choosing "Red" as the first color, and "Blue" as the second color like here 👇

Do you end up with the opposite in your cart? Like here 👇

This is normal!

WideBundle does not distinguish between "Red, Blue" and "Blue, Red". The order doesn't matter.

The problem is that if the order was important then we would have to create as many variants on the product as there are possible orders for each combination!

And we would end up with hundreds or even thousands of variants!

On the other hand, WideBundle will be very careful about the order in which variants are combined.

If you start an offer with the first color "Blue" and the first size "Small". And a second color "Red" and a second size "Large" then that's what you will get.

It means you will not find yourself in the cart with a product of color "Blue" and "Large" and a product of color "Red" and "Small" if you asked for the contrary. WideBundle will make sure that the color goes with the right size.

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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